Railroad Clubhouse

The Wapello County Historical Society makes the Railroad Clubhouse available for private or public events located adjacent to the Wapello County Historical Museum. The clubhouse has a 25-foot by 50-foot room. It comes with an ADA bathroom, kitchen area with stove, refrigerator, and sink, along with a walk-in closet for coats. The space also has 15 eight-foot tables, 120 padded chairs, and audio/visual equipment such as an Epson projector and pull-down screen.


All events are $35/hour, with a refundable $100 deposit after checkout. The deposit is returned once the clubhouse is inspected with no damage identified. Beer and wine are allowed, but liquor is not. There is no smoking on property. The clubhouse does have heating and cooling. For additional details or to reserve the space, contact the Wapello County Historical Society.

Railroad Clubhouse
210 1/2 W Main St
Ottumwa, IA 52501
(641) 682-8676.

Clubhouse History

Railroad Club House


1859 September 1, 11 a.m. First steam train into Ottumwa
1926 Burlington Veterans organization founded, employees with 20 years service
1927 Ladies Auxiliary organized of wives and daughters of railroad veterans
1935 May 14 Construction began on building, first building of its lend in the country
1935 September 28  Building completed
1989 Building cleaned and redecorated
2011 Becomes part of Historic Railroad District listed on the National Historic Register
2013 July 14  Building and real estate purchased by the Wapello County Historical Society


Old English style architecture (same as Morrell home) 60 feet long x 25 feet wide made of hardest burned brick, known as clinker brick, having six different shades alternating between light rosy red shading off into darker oriental red, grading in some brick from darker red into heavy blue and some almost black in color, while again some have the shade of burnt copper.

Ornamental fireplace in the west end with mantel six feet long X four feet opening with fire pit two feet deep.  Modern kitchen, cloak room, hallway, men’s and women’s restrooms, auditorium proper 50 feet long x 24 feet wide, 1200 square feet of 13/16 oak floor. An outside covered stairway leads directly into a large recreation basement designed for our men in which to spend their leisure time when away from home, reading and writing facilities and other forms of amusement are provided.

E. Z. Pixley, Chairman
A. A. Wright, Treasurer
Lyle P. Howard, Architect
P. S. Boyle
W. A. Kelly
G. L. Lambertson
W. F. Eager
J. H. Ketcham
C. E. Mowery
E. Z. Pixley, Chairman
A. A. Wright, Treasurer
Mrs. O. P. Trautwein
G. L. Lambertson
Mrs. J. A. Lowry
J. A. Bongers

F. C. Peters, President
O. P. Trautwein, Vice President
D. L. Stark, Secretary-Treasurer

Mrs D. L. Stark, President
Mrs J. H. Cadagan, 1S12 Vice President
Mrs H. J. Barber, 2d Vice President
Mrs W. L. Huston, Secretary-Treasurer

Train 1890s